kim willson studio

contemporary and pop

Vanderbilt University, 2002

Yale Divinity School, 2004

CHANEL, Inc, Public Relations, 2005

Passport Panties, LLC, Founder, 2004-2010

KW Collective, Founder and Creative Director, 2019 

I was raised in Murray, KY and am now an official Memphian, with stops in Nashville, New Haven, New York, and Singapore.  

Art has always been important to me: studying the masters in art at Vanderbilt University and Yale University, designing lingerie for my former company, Passport Panties, and creating a home for my family.  The expression of art has added color to many chapters of my life, and now it is just being played out in the creation of contemporary and pop art pieces, which have been sold in noteworthy private collections in the US and in Singapore.

Words that describe the aesthetics of my art are: upbeat, vibrant, and interpretive.  My work is meant to encourage delightful thought and conversation.

kim willson


instagram: kimwillson